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#faceofyours entries

Kerry-Ann McDade

I'm a size 24 down to earth girl who in the last year embraced everything I disliked about my body; including curves and bumps I tried to hide. I should be the face of Yours because I want to represent and show women that no matter what we are strong individuals with an attitude to match and gosh Yours style of clothes fit that 100%! You can have style and confidence at any age/any size! It's time women started embracing themselves. I want to be the one to show them that if I can they can!

Marion Mcbreen

It’s time more voluptuous curvy women had a little recognition. Be comfortable in your own skin. Let’s try smash the pre conceived idea that you have to be thin to be beautiful


Iam a conffident lady always have a great smile great personality and im also nice and curvy so do u think I have the wright face vote for me if u think I do

Claire Ashworth

I am confident fun loving and love fashion I never shy because of my size . I have always loved clothes and just because I am big doesn't mean I shouldn't! People always say I love your clothes and why shouldn't they I dress to impress. So pick me to be the face of your clothing.


I have always struggled with my body confidence until I found Yours. At last I could feel comfortable in my own skin and feel confident in what I wear. Everything under my wedding dress is from Yours and helped me feel sexy and confident on my wedding day ( if you did wedding dresses I would have got it from you ).I represent the average lady who feels fabulous in Yours clothes. ??

Sarah Wood

I would love to be the face of yours because I have always lacked body confidence, and have only recently learned to love my curves. The most helpful thing for me has been seeing other curvy models rise to fame and embrace their beautiful bodies

Olivia Dench

I have always been the 'fuller figured' girl and had struggled all my life through school and suffered with major body confidence issues... I mean who could blame me right? Over the past 3 years I have FINALLY found my body confidence and I am rocking my curves now! I mean don't get me wrong I still have my off days but don't we all! I would love to be the face of yours and I hope I can count on your vote... xo

Lauren Summers

I would like to be the face of "Yours" because I believe you can be plus size and look great at any age with the right clothes and accessories. Plus I would also bring maurity and diversity to your current selection of models.

Vicky bahmed

I simply adore wearing yours clothing, 90% of my wardrobe come from there. I am confident, bubbly and lots of fun x

Amanda Rose Latham

I am a plus size woman I am proud of my curves, always gave been I am a Mother & Grandmother & still young enough to be the face of yours clothing, I love my clothes & believe us curvy girls should still be happy & fashionable, wear bright colours & show off our curves for all to see & be body confident like I am every time I get dressed to go out, i would love to promote this in your clothing range

Tegan Blondin

What a fabulous opportunity this would be to do to help boost my confidence

Sophie Ball

After having two babies I've finally learnt to be confident in the own skin and embrace my curves.


My daughter told me about YOURS a while back but it was just in the last 2 months I went in the shop. I have since ordered about £300 or more worth of clothes and shoes. I also met the best store manager at the Woolwich branch Carol. I believe I would be great role model for women of size to believe in dressing beautifully even with weight on!!??

Michelle robinson

Ive been battling with my weight for many years and struggled to find clothes that were for my age until yours come along, now im down from size 28 to size 20 after losing 6 stone in a year but I still choice to shop at yours coz still fits my taste in clothing

Tricia Eller-Hill

I have always been a larger lady and recently lost 7 and a half stone! Not an easy thing to do, when you love food, I am still loosing weight and I would love to get down to a size 18. I would love to be the new face of Hours clothing.

Danielle Ellison

For many years I struggled with loving myself as I felt big wasn't beautiful - but it definitely is! It was so hard to find clothes that made me feel gorgeous, it was ordering online and then sending back and fourth til I found the right fit. Now I get to go into Yours Tamworth and try on and feel good about myself rather than getting down about it. I love finding the beautiful Yours clothes that makes me feel truly amazing inside and out!

Ceri Kizilaslan

I love clothes! I love feeling good in clothes! No matter what size, shape or personality everyone should be able to feel confident, comfortable and true to themselves in whatever they wear! I would like to show the lovely ladies out there that this can be done! I'm a curvy girl but I won't let it stop me!

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