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80's Fashion Back with a Plus-Size Bang!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 1980s was a decade full of change. From politics to music there were dramatic shifts in the trends and lifestyles of people worldwide. As the world entered a new era, fashion inevitably followed. While there seems to be a tendency for some to look back on this decade with a ‘what-was-I-thinking’ attitude, the basis for many 80’s fashion trends were dramatic, edgy and super-stylish! At last this decade is getting the recognition it deserves in the fashion stakes. At Yours, we have embraced this hot spring trend to create a flattering, striking and wearable collection so that us curvy girls can enjoy a touch of 80’s nostalgia!

Perhaps the most influential aspect of this particular trend is the use of colour. Bright, bGrey black and pink batwing topold tones are used for colour blocking, stripes and geometric prints. Key colours for this look are cobalt blue, hot pink and acid brights with grey or black hues for the base. For fuller-figured women, these over-sized shapes and large blocks of colour create clean, flattering lines and can draw attention away from troublesome areas. This eye-catching 80′s top (right) offers a great combination of colour-blocking, simple liens and comfort, all key features of the trend. If you are cautious with colour and prefer to stick to muted shades, it is still possible to add a touch of 80’s glamour with a hot pink streak or coloured leggings!

As well as colour, shBlack Split Sleeve Batwing topape is a crucial element of the 80’s look. Oversized tops teamed with leggings or straight leg jeans are a perfect way to embrace the trend while still skimming your curves and keeping you comfortable. Shapes and detailing around the shoulders and arms play a major part in the 80’s styling. Batwing tops have made a massive comeback with sleeves becoming fuller and more of a feature. Similarly, slits on sleeves are regularly used to keep the shape authentic to the 80s and to flatter the arm at its most shapely part. This gorgeous top (left) with a batwing and slit in the sleeve is the perfect example – and it incorporates the hot pink and black elements of 80’s chic!

There are of course features of the 80s that none of us want to repeat – hair crimping and shoulder pads are thankfully constrained to fashion show catwalks. This season’s look is about incorporating 80’s fashion concepts with a modern, fresh feel. For those of you who would rather remember idols of the 80s rather than the fashions; try an iconic T-shirt such as these Blondie, Rolling Stones and Betty Boop tees for an instant nod towards the hottest decade to make a come-back in years!

With all the above pieces and indeed a full collection of 80s inspired outfits at Yours Clothing this season, plus-size fashion has never been so exciting and accessible, no matter the limits to wish you dare to push it!