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“I’d like to return this please”- Yours Clothing Returns Procedure

18 May 2012

If you are reading this then it means that you, like me, love a bit of online shopping with Yours; and who wouldn’t. After all you have far more choice as the website isn’t limited by space like the stores and has such an extensive range of items that get delivered right to your door; true convenience. The only snag is that you can’t try on the items before you actually buy them to see about the style, fit and sizing.

At times I have browsed the website and thought “that looks great”, so I order it in what I think is my size, it arrives promptly, I’m all excited, I slip it on and then my next thought is “is that really what it looks like on…oh no”. It can be too small and so seems to emphasise every single flaw in my body and to my horror even seems to create new ones, or too big which briefly makes me smile as I think my rabbit food diet and hard core gym sessions are paying off but the item does not flatter me at all. Or even the shape and style just doesn’t suit and I think “pfft looked good on the model… they must have photo-shopped her …as this looks awful”. So in these circumstances I really have two options; either keep it and just shove it to the back of the wardrobe never to see daylight, or return it which fortunately is a relatively simple thing to do with Yours Clothing.

Within my parcel I now have a returns form entitled “Introducing our new returns procedure”. Looks simple enough I just write in the products that I’m returning and the reason why. It asks for an order ID number which I find is written on my invoice and also asks for my surname and postcode… obviously I know what they are, I’d be concerned if I didn’t. Right seems to be all in order now to just send it to them.

When the parcel arrived included inside was 2 pre-paid returns labels, one for Collect Plus and one for ToYou. On both of the labels are instructions on how to find your nearest locations. ToYou is through Asda, lucky for me, we have an Asda in town and so when I’m next in the mood to shop till I drop I can drop my parcel off. The Collect Plus has over 4000 locations I’m sure there’s got to be one close-by… and there is, at my local newsagents. Turns out these labels cannot be used at the Post Office, not a problem because I can get some little nibbles from the newsagents, much tastier than buying stamps. So I take it to the newsagents and am given a receipt with a tracking number, looking at my ToYou label this has a tracking number too, I’m spoilt for choice on how to return my items. Once Yours received my return they sent me an email to notify me about my refund and how long it will take.

All in all I think that the returns procedure that Yours are offering is pretty simple and effective. Obviously my lazy side wants my return parcel to be collected, but the Collect Plus and ToYou services are great alternative. So overall purchasing items just takes a few simple clicks and returning them takes a few simple steps.

For more information on our returns procedure

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