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The Scales Of Empowerment

Monday, February 27, 2017

Here at Yours Clothing, we are all about girl power! We believe in self-love and being who you are without compromise.

With this in mind, we’ve noticed that the topic of female empowerment has been hot in the press over the last few months. So what does empowerment mean?

We’ve seen Hillary Clinton address little girls with the promise that they are “valuable and powerful”; Adele’s Grammy speech in which she praised Queen B’s album Lemonade for empowering her black friends, and female protests across the UK and US calling for gender equality.

However, increasingly we’re also seeing ’empowerment’ being used to describe things like Kim K’s “nothing to wear” bathroom selfies, Emily Ratajkowski’s part in Blurred Lines and girl bands who sing about ‘working’ from home…

For example, take a look at Protein World’s new ad campaign which features Khloe Kardashian promoting ‘empowerment’ by wearing an uncomfortable leotard and posing with a protein shake. Protein World has explained that their weight loss products aim to “empower[r] young people who want to be their best selves by looking good”, placing “female empowerment” at the forefront of the campaign.

Whilst there are many of us who have a serious appreciation for the curvalicious Kardashian figure, would we call these kinds of Instagram posts and marketing campaigns empowering? Is empowerment something that you can buy in the form of protein powder, or post to your social media account with the right filter in place?

To take a closer look at this issue, we’ve put together a timeline of moments that have been labelled as ‘empowering’. We would love to hear what you think and which instances you are most inspired by!

What does female empowerment mean in the modern day world?