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What’s Your Festival Personality??

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hi Ladies, it’s the Yours Clothing Stylist here…

This month the festival season is kicking off throughout the UK. This is my favourite time of the year, I love the atmosphere and the hype throughout the summer! Feeling inspired we decided to shoot three different outfits on our model for three different festival personalities and thee different styles of festival! The festival trend is one that is there every season, we build on it and change the styles, prints and products, but the personalities stay the same. Coming up with the personalities wasn’t too hard, having been to festivals before myself and working in an office full of girls, it’s pretty easy to look around and decide who is who! And as for the festivals themselves… there are so many now I can’t keep up!!

Chic Camper:

The chic camper is a girl who likes to ensure she has her essential waterproof and other festival items with her. She’s organised, and has thought out every single outfit for every day she’ll be at the festival. She’ll have clothes in case it rains, in case she’s cold, and in case she gets muddy (there’s ALWAYS possibility). But alongside this she loves to look good, fashion is her middle name and she follows all the trends! She’s got a fun cute style, loves mainstream music and I guess you could say she’s into glamping rather than camping!!

With this in mind I pulled together the perfect outfit. I started with thinking about the sorts of clothes she wears, cutesy dresses, delicate lace, pretty florals. I found the perfect daisy lace combo, a loose swing dress comfortable and stylish!! I mixed this with an animal print waterproof for a cool practical element. The canvas shoes are ideal for a festival keeping your feet protected and good for standing for long periods of time! The hat finishes this look making you fit for your festival!

model photoshoot 11th july Lucy 97767

Outfit from left to right: Daisy Dress 49355, Animal print waterproof 44531, Canvas Shoes 48237, Chain Hat 50288

Perfect festivals if this is you:

  • Wireless 4-6 July
  • T in the park 11-13 July
  • V-Festival 16-17 August

Boho Chick

The boho chick is a free spirit; she loves culture and arts, and will happily wonder around a festival alone and fully embrace this. She is a hippie at heart and loves nature and the environment. She doesn’t worry about what she didn’t bring to the festival she can buy it there, and is very laid back. She certainly won’t be worried about the latest twitter or Facebook updates, and will make friends easily by talking to random strangers. She’s into indie/folk/acoustic music and will dance to anything!

With this floating fairy in mind I scanned our website knowing exactly what I wanted for this outfit. I found the tie dye jersey dress, the perfect bohemian print dress. Tie dye and ethinic style prints are perfect for this style, and casual loose fitting dresses and floaty tops work well. I then styled this with a pair of casual sandals that she can pop on and off easily, and a cool duffel bag- perfect for festival shopping!! An essential for this girl would be her sunnies, they don’t only look amazing but they will hide her from the sun when out all day.

model photoshoot 11th july Lucy 97794

Outfit from left to right: Tie dye dress 48292, Sandals 48222, Black duffel bag 48373, zebra sunnies 48559, Necklace 47670

Perfect festivals if this is you:

  • Glastonbury 25-29 June
  • Lovebox 18-19 July
  • Lattitude 17-20 July

Wild Child

The wild child is a rock N roll fan, she’s the girl who rocks up to the festival hoping one of her friends will let her share her tent. She ensures she has enough t-shirts to last her the weekend but won’t worry about her hair and will happily sport a messy bun with no worries. She’s the one who gets straight to the front and loves the atmosphere in the crowds. She loves camping with her friends and doesn’t mind being away from the comforts of her bed for a few days.

Feeling fully inspired by this rock chick I pulled out a pair of denim shorts and a slogan tee, knowing in her wardrobe there would probably be a wide choice of band and slogan tees. Ankle boots is key for this look, she needs to protect her toes from the jumping feet in the crowds and they will complete this outfit. I also slung in a fringed black waistcoat over the top, make this outfit ready for all the heavy festivals this season.

model photoshoot 11th july Lucy 97748 (2)

Outfit from left to right: Slogan tee 48423, Denim Shorts 47707, Crochet fringed waistcoat 49565, Ankle Boots 48195, Necklace 48563

Perfect festivals if this is you:

  • Download 13-15 June
  • Isle of White 12-15 June
  • Reading and Leeds 22-24 August


Figure out which of these lovely ladies you are and then you’ll be well on your way to festival bliss this summer… also watch out for our super cool wellies coming soon!!






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