Body Positivity
Through Life Drawing

In society today we are conditioned to recognise what a ‘perfect body’ looks like. We are made to feel that body weight determines our worth and we’re made to believe that if we’re above the average dress size, then it’s not acceptable to wear certain types of clothing…

We want change

We want women to see they are beautiful regardless of their size and we want women to know that there is no wrong way to have a body.

Join Yours Clothing and take the pledge

Pledge to love yourself and empower your friends and family to love themselves too.

Upload any photo you feel great in and hashtag #takethepledge

Tag five friends in your photo that are beautiful to you

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When we love ourselves incredible things happen...

Life Drawing

'Body positivity is about feeling comfortable in yourself regardless of who you are. As somebody who has done a lot of life drawing over the years, I've worked with people of all shapes and sizes. When you get in a life drawing situation, actually you drop all preconceptions that you have as your out in the world and you're down to the basics of who you are in the space, how you occupy the space and how you relate to somebody who is looking at you objectively.'

Herb Wiersma, Academy Lead at Nottingham College

We would like to thank the nottingham college and their school of art, Laura Ferry, Kat Henry and Hollie Burgess for their participation in this project