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Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Yours Clothing was established in 1997 to provide women, often forgotten by UK retailers, with affordable, fashionable clothing regardless of size. We have dedicated our work on continuously improving our offering to women and have recently been able to extend our service to men too. Our growth in the UK has been as a result of our talented, hard working employees whom we value greatly. We are proud of our growth as a business and the opportunities that it has given to our employees who have equal opportunities to shine, develop and earn.

Due to us being largely recognised as a women’s fashion retailer, we attract mainly female applicants to work in our stores and as a result Yours Clothing is 97% female with the majority of roles based in our stores. The male staff we do have in our stores are paid equally to our female staff, and we are confident that our gender pay gap is as a result of the variety of roles in which men and women work within the organisation and the salaries that these roles attract.

As part of the Government’s commitment to tackling gender inequality, UK companies with over 250 employees are required by law to publish calculations every year showing the pay gap between male and female employees. At Yours Clothing, we value inclusion and strive for equality and fairness for each and every team member. At the end of this report you will see a further breakdown of the gender pay information to give a more informed view of the salary and bonus data split across the different business areas.

The following information is accurate as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2019, and shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap and bonus pay gap based on hourly rates of pay.

Gender & Bonus Pay Gap

The table below shows the percentage difference in overall mean and median pay and bonus between men and women across the whole company:

Mean Median
Hourly Pay Gap 59% 57%
BonusPay Gap 88% 73%

Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment

We are pleased that we have been able to reward more of our employees this year with a bonus and we continue to look at our reward packages across the business.

Percentage of Females who received Bonus 42%
Percentage of Males who received Bonus 76%

Out of a total of 1198 employees, 417 employees received a bonus payment and 94% of these employees are female. These numbers are a significant increase on the last reported figures of the number of employees receiving a bonus, with 190 more employees receiving a bonus in this reporting year and a total of 35% of all staff receiving a bonus.

Pay Quartiles

We have divided our employees into four equal-sized pay quartiles and shown below the percentage of males and females in each quartile.

There are 243 people employed in our Head Office and Warehouse, 32 of which are male and 211 female. Our Senior Management team is 55% female. Any gender pay gap that exists is a result of differentiating roles and not due to any variance in pay for like for like roles.

Gender Pay Gap across the different business areas

Total Stores Head Office Warehouse
Total Employees 1198 955 131 112
Mean Gender PAY Gap 59 -10% 40% 18%
Median Gender PAY Gap 57 -3% 48% 35%
Mean BONUS gender pay gap 88 -65% 65% -18%
Median BONUS gender pay gap 73 -12% 45% 37%
PROPORTION of men receiving a BONUS 76 100% 77% 67%
PROPORTION of women receiving a BONUS 42 35% 59% 95%
PROPORTION of men & women in Quartile 1 0.4/99.6 0.5/99.5 3.6/96.4 4.8/95.2
PROPORTION of men & women in Quartile 2 0.4/99.6 0.5/99.5 14.3/85.7 0/100
PROPORTION of men & women in Quartile 3 1.7/98.3 0/100 17.9/82.1 14.3/85.7
PROPORTION of men & women in Quartile 4 11.2/88.2 0/100 42.9/57.1 23.8/76.2

Going Forward

We are committed to reducing our gender pay gap and will continue to focus on women having the same opportunities for senior roles as men as well as continuing to support men and women to develop to the best of their potential.

I can confirm that the information contained within this report is accurate.

Anna Heather

Finance Director