Living in your truth
Shay Neary

Shay Neary

Shay Neary is the world’s first plus-size transgender model. Working exclusively with Yours Clothing, Shay has chosen a collection from our SS17 range that mixes femininity and bold styles to offer a multitude of choices for our transgender customers.


Dresses have a tendency to be short so always make sure the length is right. It should be above, or right below the knee...not directly on it.

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Bottoms/ trousers/ jeans can be trivial so if you're still in a phase of your transition where you need to tuck, try skirts and flowing items. If you want to wear pants, buy a gaff.

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Finding shoes in bigger sizes can be difficult - Don't be stressed, lots of cisgender women have large feet. My advice is to own one pair of statement shoes, wear with minimal outfits & let them shine bright!

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Lingerie is simple, depending on if you’re wearing forms, or if you're on hormones. If you don't know your bra size, find someone who can measure you. Your undergarments are the base of any outfit, they have to fit appropriately.

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Cluster earring sets - There are so many choices! You've got multiple little sets for any occasion. Perfect for daytime and night-time!

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I commute between the city and Brooklyn daily. If I'm going out after work, I want to bring what I need. A large bag helps carry shoes, makeup, maybe a blouse...then you don't need to commute back home to change.

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Shay Neary

Find things you love, and make that your style

For me it's patterns, and statement accessories. I love a purse shaped like something that isn't a purse. Floral prints are my favourite, and I don't mind being a little flashy.

Search for comfortable fabrics

We no longer live in a time where you have to wear uncomfortable clothing... except for work occasionally! I love polyester and silk, jersey and knits... It really depends on the season. Avoid tweed and stiff fabrics, unless you have something to put under them. Those are layering fabrics.

Remember to add some basic essentials

The black dress - dates, funerals, interviews.

A button down white shirt - comfortable, classic, and can be added under anything.

Good fitting jeans - perfect for relaxing, or for going out.

Brown & black simple shoes - footwear that can complement any outfit.

Finding "statement accessories"

When you think of a great outfit, there is always something that makes it better than just the dress, suit, or blouse. Find items that coordinate with your style. Pieces that become a part of you, and that people start to recognize when they see you. A simple necklace, an intricate bracelet, that perfect broach and scarf. Maybe you like hats... Find your niche!

Presentation is important

I'm not saying that you have to impress anyone, except yourself. But putting yourself together each day, will help you get through your day better. Knowing that you are clean, look good, feel great - can change an entire day. It also can make people want to get to know you better. Making room for opportunities in your future, career and socially.

Androgyny isn't a bad thing

Sometimes finding yourself takes a long time. Transitioning teaches us to become ourselves. But we sometimes forget who we were. There are days where I don't wear makeup and wear relaxed clothing. I don't look like my normal fem-bot self. THAT'S OK! We are constantly changing, so you aren't meant to always look the same. Get comfortable with the not so pretty, and the confidence will start to blossom. You've got to love yourself beyond the facade of beauty.

Show skin strategically

Know when to bare your skin, or to keep it under wraps. Choose one body part, and show it off. If it's cleavage, don't show off your legs. If it's legs, cover up the top. Certain times of day call for more or less skin as well, keep that in mind when dressing.

Remember your age

I'm all for wearing whatever you want, but keep in mind that sometimes things may fit - that aren't meant for you. While a bandage bra may seem sexy, make sure you’re in the age bracket to wear one. The same goes for dressing over your age... Don't wear something that makes your feel old, like muted floral print dresses. Just try to always be tasteful, not to say you can't blur that line sometimes. Be yourself always!

Consider the wear and care

Look at labels. If something is dry-clean only. Let’s hope that you can afford to get it cleaned after you wear it. While many clothes may be beautiful, keep in mind your life and how you run it. You don't want to be wearing silk if you're running around all day. Find clothing that fits your budget, lifestyle, and taste.

Your smile is your best accessory

Always remember, no matter what you're wearing... That a smile makes the look. Your comfort in that outfit and level of love for it will show. When you’re smiling, it's your outfit that takes second stage. Love yourself, and let your personality show!