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Bra Size Guide

We suggest you wear your most comfortable bra to take the bra measurements and make sure the tape measure is level all the way around to get the most accurate bra fitting.If you feel comfortable ask a friend to help. Now just follow these simple steps:

Lingerie CupLingerie Band

CUP SIZE (over bust)

Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust.Stand straight and relaxed in order to achieve an accurate bra fitting.

band size (under bust)

Measure around your ribcage just under the bust.

Ensure that the tape measure is slightly tighter than you would wear your bra, then breathe out and take the measurement.

Band Size Conversion
Underbust Measurement (CM)UK Band SizeEU/RU Band SizeFR/ES/BE Band Size

Bra Size Conversion
UK Size36B36C36D36DD36E36F36G36H36J
EU/RU Size80B80C80D80E80F80G80J80L80N
FR/ES/BE Size95B95C95D95E95F95G95J95L95N
UK Size38B38C38D38DD38E38F38G38H38J
EU/RU Size85B85C85D85E85F85G85J85L85N
FR/ES/BE Size100B100C100D100E100F100G100J100L100N
UK Size40B40C40D40DD40E40F40G40H40J
EU/RU Size90B90C90D90E90F90G90J90L90N
FR/ES/BE Size105B105C105D105E105F105G105J105L105N
UK Size42B42C42D42DD42E42F42G42H42J
EU/RU Size95B95C95D95E95F95G95J95L95N
FR/ES/BE Size110B110C110D110E110F110G110J110L110N
UK Size44B44C44D44DD44E44F44G44H44J
EU/RU Size100B100C100D100E100F100G100J100L100N
FR/ES/BE Size115B115C115D115E115F115G115J115L115N
UK Size46B46C46D46DD46E46F46G46H46J
EU/RU Size105B105C105D105E105F105G105J105L105N
FR/ES/BE Size120B120C120D120E120F120G120J120L120N
UK Size48B48C48D48DD48E48F48G48H48J
EU/RU Size110B110C110D110E110F110G110J110L110N
FR/ES/BE Size125B125C125D125E125F125G125J125L125N
UK Size50B50C50D50DD50E50F50G50H50J
EU/RU Size115B115C115D115E115F115G115J115L115N
FR/ES/BE Size130B130C130D130E130F130G130J130L130N
UK Size52B52C52D52DD52E52F52G52H52J
EU/RU Size120B120C120D120E120F120G120J120L120N
FR/ES/BE Size135B135C135D135E135F135G135J135L135N
UK Size54B54C54D54DD54E54F54G54H54J
EU/RU Size125B125C125D125E125F125G125J125L125N
FR/ES/BE Size140B140C140D140E140F140G140J140L140N
UK Size56B56C56D56DD56E56F56G56H56J
EU/RU Size130B130C130D130E130F130G130J130L130N
FR/ES/BE Size145B145C145D145E145F145G145J145L145N
UK Size58B58C58D58DD58E58F58G58H58J
EU/RU Size135B135C135D135E135F135G135J135L135N
FR/ES/BE Size150B150C150D150E150F150G150J150L150N
UK Size60B60C60D60DD60E60F60G60H60J
EU/RU Size140B140C140D140E140F140G140J140L140N
FR/ES/BE Size155B155C155D155E155F155G155J155L155N

*Please note that these measurements are a guide for Yours Brand Bras only. Other brands may very in size and in this instance you should refer the the size guide on each brands packaging. If you are still having problems with the fit of your bra then please refer to the guide below.

Once you have ordered and received the bra it is time to check that it fits correctly. We have listed some general bra fitting tips which will help you decide if the size is correct for you.


Cups should be completely filled with no bulges or empty spaces.


The bra straps should be adjusted when fitting to ensure bra cups and underband are positioned correctly on the body.


Wires should sit flat to the body and not sit on the round of the bust.


The underband should be snug fitting with only just enough room to fit two fingers under.

Listed below are some common bra fit problems with advice on what to do if your bra falls into this problem category.

Cups baggy or creased

cups baggy

A bra cup fit without gaps or creases over the breast.

Try a smaller cup size

Shoulder straps digging in

shoulder strap

The back band and cup should provide you with 80% of the support therefore when your shoulder straps are digging in, it is a sign that the bra is not fitting correctly.

Try a smaller back band and a bigger cup size

Back Band riding up

shoulder strap

If your back band is too big this will ride up and it will not give you the correct amount of support. To confirm if the band is too big put your fingers under the band and pull it away from the body it should not stretch more than 4cm / 2 inches.

Try a smaller back band size until this fits firmly and comfortably

Back band too tight

shoulder strap

When your bra is fastened on the middle hook and eye it should feel comfortable if you put this on and it hurts you then the back band is too tight.

Try a bigger back band size until this fits firmly and comfortably

Wires lifting away

shoulder strap

If the bra is not sitting flat to your body and it is pulling away from your body at the centre front or sitting on top of your breast at the side cup then this size is too small.

Try a bigger cup size – keep going in cup size until all of the breast is encased comfortably in the bra.

Wires digging in

shoulder strap

With a wired bra the wires should sit behind your breast and at the root of the bust, not on the breast.If they are sitting on the breast then

Try a bigger cup size

Bulging out of the cup

shoulder strap

With a correct fitting bra the cup and neck edge should lie flat to the breast, if the breast is bulging out of the cup then

Try a bigger cup size

Straps too loose

Loose strap

The straps are too loose, adjust so they fit comfortably and give you support.

Adjust the straps

Size Guide

Find your perfect size

HEIGHT16-20 (UK)
42-46 (EURO)
22-26 (UK)
48-52 (EURO)
28-32 (UK)
54-58 (EURO)
34-36 (UK)
62-64 (EURO)
38-40 (UK)
66-68 (EURO)
HIP – 42-48”
HIP – 107-119cm
HIP – 49-55”
HIP – 125-137cm
HIP – 56-62”
HIP – 143-157cm
HIP – 64-66”
HIP – 163-168cm
HIP – 68-70.5”
HIP – 173-179cm

*Please note that our size chart is based on Yours Clothing garments and our brand sizes can vary.

If your measurements are at the boundary between sizes, you may find the next size up more comfortable.