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Best Dresses for Apple Shaped Women


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What Is An Apple Shaped Body?

A woman who is typically classed as an apple shape has a size-able bust and a less defined fuller waist with narrow hips and slender legs. The general idea on how to dress for an apple shape is all about drawing the attention away from your midsection by bringing the attention either to your neckline or legs.

Our Top Tips For Dressing An Apple Shaped Body

  1. Make the focus of your look your legs or your bust. This will take the focus away from your tummy. This can be done by avoiding details and patterns on this part of your body, and steer clear from any bulky fabrics as this will only draw attention to exactly where you don’t want it!
  2. Define your waist. This will help to create the curve silhouette we’re after. This can be done with cinching your waist with a thin belt or trying out clothes that fit your bust and come in right underneath – empire lines are a must-have! This is a great opportunity to invest in a good fitting bra to help lift and flatter your bust.
  3. Choose clothes that flatter your shape. It’s all about creating balance, choosing the right clothing can create curves and draw attention to all the right places. It’s about finding what works for you, this can be a bit of trial and error, but it’ll be worth it!

What Are The Best Dresses For Apple Shapes?

  • Swing dresses skim over your tummy area and show off your legs.
  • Skater dresses create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette by nipping in the waist.
  • V-neck and wrap dresses bring the focus to your neckline and bust.
  • A dress with a flared or fuller skirt helps to distract from your middle section.

If you’re an apple-shaped lady looking for the best dresses to fit and flatter your curves, then check out a few of our favourites below…

Swing Dresses

Swing style dresses are designed to skim over your tummy area and flare out to the hem which will help draw the eye to your legs. Often found with scoop necklines and in knee lengths, you can get the best of both with shape flattering swing dresses. They’re a great everyday dress for an apple shaped woman as their relaxed fit will keep you comfortable all day long. Style with tights and boots for an easy laid-back look.

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Skater Dresses

Skater dresses are the perfect style for creating the illusion of having a nipped in waist and an hourglass silhouette with their flared finish. And, they come in a range of styles that you can dress up or down. Nearly always sitting at a flattering knee length, simply choose from a wide range of flattering necklines and sleeve lengths. Easily dress up a skater dress with a pair of strappy heels or keep it casual with your favourite boots and warm tights. Discover a range of versatile skater styles that can take you from the desk-to-dinner with ease.

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V-Neck Dresses

Plunging v-neck dresses put the focus onto your neckline by uplifting the bust, elongating your upper body and drawing the eye away from your midsection. Who says v-neck dresses can only be for after-dark? You can’t go wrong with an v-neck smock dress for an easy casual dress. Pinafore dresses also give you the flattering plunge neckline that you can layer up with a long sleeve top for extra coverage and warmth.

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Wrap Dresses

Another dress that flatters your bust whilst helping to cinch you in at the waist is the wrap dress. The wrap style offers a super flattering finish for all body types, not only apple-shaped. The wrap shape not only accentuates your waist but it helps to balance your shoulders to create a perfectly proportioned silhouette. A continuous pattern such as a floral or spotted print are a great pattern to wear that you can style from one season to the next. Wrap dresses can be easily dressed up for an evening out with a simple pair of heels to help elongate your legs.

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Flared and Fuller Skirt Dresses

Dresses that have a fuller or flared skirt help to draw attention to your great legs! This in turn helps to give the appearance of slim shoulders. These dresses also skim over your hips to distract from your mid-section and give a floaty and feminine feel to your look. Whether you’re after light chiffon, or comfy jersey our pick of flared dresses will have something to suit your style.

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